Seal Configurations



There are almost limitless configurations for how New-SealTM technology can be applied for sealing applications.  Conventional seals that could be replaced with Externally Pressurized Porous (EPP) seals include:


  • packing seals
  • labyrinth seals
  • steam seals
  • separation seals
  • injection-type seals
  • mechanical seals
  • dry gas seals
  • hydrogen seals
  • others


EPP seals can be used on:


  • pumps
  • compressors
  • turboexpanders
  • steam and gas turbines
  • mixers
  • screw conveyors
  • rotary valves
  • blenders
  • other oil-free rotating equipment


Some possible configurations are shown below.



Porous Media in a tandem dry gas seal arrangement




Porous Media in a double-opposed dry gas seal arrangement





Externally Pressurized Porous, double-opposed face seal.  This arrangement can be used for sealing bulk powder, slurries, liquids in pumps, and gases in compressors.  An O-ring drive is shown in this configuration, but the runner can also be locked to the shaft.  

This configuration can be used in mixers, agitators, screw conveyors, pumps, compressors, steam and gas turbines, turboexpanders, rotary valves, blenders, and other rotating equipment requiring seals.




The above shows a possible arrangement for sealing (and thrust bearing) capability

at a balance piston with a capped non drive end (NDE).




The above configuration shows a possible arrangement for incorporating Externally Pressurized Porous (EPP) radial bearings on a rotating shaft (with no shaft seals used), and using the EPP thrust bearing as the seal, itself.  This greatly simplifies a conventional arrangement of having radial (oil lubricated) bearings, radial shaft seals (with buffer gases and vents), and an oil lubricated thrust bearing.




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