Built on over 25 years of Externally Pressurized Porous Media Air Bearing Technology, New-Seal® offers a highly engineered, leak-free, low gas consumption, wear-free seal for rotating equipment.



New-Seal® externally-pressurized, porous media, gas seals enable non-contact sealing for liquids, gases, fine powders, or slurries. In some instances, New-Seal™ seals can perform double duty, acting as both seals and bearings.  Face seals can act as thrust bearings and circumferential seals can act as journal bearings.  Compliant mounting system can be used to allows for static or dynamic misalignment to meet application needs.


 New-Seal® offers a wide variety of standard seals that are easily retrofittable to existing machines.  A variety of input gases in addition to air can be used – including process gas. Porous media is made from robust materials, such as graphite or silicon carbide that have proven success in rotating equipment for decades.

Key Technology Benfits of New-Seal™

No Wear

Low Gas Consumpution

No Dry Running on Start Up

Easy Retrofitability

Low Maintainence Costs

Long Life

New-Seal™ combines precision metal machining with low-flow porous carbon technology. 



High Speeds

Abillity to Run on Process Gas

Serves as Bearing and Seal

No Oil


Easy to Use


New-Seal ® Can Be Used in a Variety of Applications...

Oil-Free Turbo Equipment






Screw Conveyors


Rotary Airlocks

Vacuum Systems

Mechanical Seals

Dry Gas Seals

Packing Seals

Labyrinth Seals

Brush Seals

Abradable Seals

Bearing Isolators

Injection-Type Seals

Hydrogen Seals


A non-contact seal assembly has air pressure fed to two oposing faces.

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